Laizhou Wan Xing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and rich Jiaodong Peninsula, Laizhou, specializing in the production and operation of automobile brake disc products. Company's annual production of more than 1000 models of the automobile brake disc, products are mainly exported to Europe, North America and other countries and regions. At present, the brake disc has to provide a variety of models to support the domestic. Company's main brake disc, brake drum, brake disc and other products, has a complete, scientific quality management system and has strong economic strength, with 0.5 ton electric furnace, two Taiwan, two sets of 1 ton electric furnace, ordinary lathes, CNC machine, drilling machine more than 100 units, automatic cleaning packaging line a and inspection department has dynamic balancing machine, material properties of the laboratory and complete testing instruments instrument, to ensure excellent product quality, the annual production of finished more than 100 million pieces.

莱州万兴汽车配件有限公司位于美丽富饶的胶东半岛莱州,专业生产经营汽车刹车盘系列产品。公司年生产1000多个型号的汽车制动盘、产品主要出口到欧洲、北美等国家和地区。目前制动盘已给国内多种车型提供配套。 公司主营刹车盘、刹车鼓、刹车盘等产品,拥有完整、科学的质量管理体系并拥有雄厚的经济实力,拥有0.5吨电炉两台,1吨电炉两台,普通车床、数控机床、钻床100余台,自动清洗包装线一条,检验部门有动平衡机、材料性能实验室及齐全的检测仪器仪表,确保产品品质优良,年生产成品100余万件。